Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike Review

Stamina 1350The Stamina 1350 offers a low impact style aerobic workout that will help users increase their metabolism rates without damaging their joints. It effectively targets the hips, thighs, and buttocks areas, making this recumbent bike an excellent choice for women everywhere.

It is also a great machine for those who are suffering from injury. The semi-recumbent position allows users to exercise pain-free compared to other traditional bikes where users are hunched over the handlebars while riding. You can compare this bike with other recumbent bikes at


The bike features an upholstered vinyl seat that is designed to seat comfortably any user. There are multiple seat positions to choose from as well as an adjustable handrail for added support. There are oversized, weighted foot pedals that will keep feet secure while pedaling. Resistance can be adjusted through a tension knob for changes in intensity levels.

The large display monitor makes reading workout results easy. The display comes with a scan mode that will help users keep track of progress without having to push any buttons while working out. A one-button control panel helps users keep track of workout speed, distance, time, and the amount of calories burned.

The machine runs quietly and can be rolled away for easy storage. The bike also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and 3 months on wear parts. Maximum user weight for the machine is 250 lbs.


One issue users report having with the machine is a possible defect in the display monitor. This defect appears when the monitor stops working when a user either starts or stops pedaling. It is caused by a magnetic pickup that moves too far away from the pulley magnet during use. The problem could easily be solved if the manufacturer engineered the product to have the sensor mounted closer to the pulley with better materials.

The problem can be fixed without having to send it back to the manufacturer if users are willing to spend a little time to do it themselves. Users who face this problem can fix the issue themselves by spending around $5 by purchasing an additional screw and heavier plastic mounting to reposition the sensor. This can be one by opening up the display monitor and reattaching the sensor up higher toward the pulley.

How to Use a Recumbent Bike

best recumbent exercise bikeWhen it comes to recumbent bikes and their utility, it is not necessarily a matter of how to use them. It is actually about how you visualize yourself after a period of recumbent bike workout and how you can reach that image with the help of the exerciser you’re using. In order to achieve a certain body shape or a strong physical condition, it is not enough to simply ride a recumbent bike, you also have to know what exercises or adjustments need to be done as to perform an efficient training session.

Even from the first step taken onto a recumbent bike, it is easily noticeable how the design was created with an emphasize on comfort and reliability. The open frame that most recumbent bikes prefer in their configuration provides a getting on and off again movement, while the handle bars offer an additional support when mounting the bike. Nevertheless, once you’re on the bicycle, the posture you adopt is very important, as a wrong form might increase discomfort in your spine. In order to prevent muscles imbalances, a solution would be to keep the back tight against the backrest as you push hard with your legs while pedaling. This position is not impossible as your abs also engage in physical effort with the purpose of keeping the back straight.

Experimented different resistance levels while exercising is also a good use of your recumbent bike. Increasing the level determines your legs to harder push the pedals, therefore your body to burn more calories. However, changing resistance should have a certain pattern so that you can feel that you make actual progress while working out. As a matter of fact, users that look to expand their caloric amount prefer the high-intensity interval training that alternates intense activity with intervals of lower motion. While you keep your workouts interesting, throughout this type of program you also contribute to your cardiovascular component improvement.

Exercise duration can vary from one person to another, depending on what they want to achieve with recumbent bike workouts. Without any doubt, in order to obtain significant results, you should exercise long enough, as well as frequently enough. It is actually recommended a 30-minute session a day, five days a week but for considerable weight loss, the training session should surpass this timing up to 60 or even 90 minute on a daily basis.

Is Using a Recumbent Bike Good Exercise?

Recumbent BikeThere are certain aspects that define an exerciser as being effective and worth the investment. One of them relates to the amount of calories the unit helps you to burn within an hour. Moreover, efficiency also resides in the stability of the equipment and the quality of its elements. Furthermore, the exerciser has to provide comfort and diversity in movements. Recumbent bikes have managed to incorporate all of these features and many more, with the purpose of producing a significant change in one’s workout style and routines.

One of the aspects that outline recumbent bike workouts as being effective on health and body shape is the varied forms of exercises provided. Apart from the different levels of resistance available on almost any recumbent bike, there are other advanced units that incorporate in their console a wide range of pre-set workout programs. The versatility of programs allow users to freely switch between settings accordingly to their physical capacity. The virtual conformation system is rather easy to understand as the bicycle automatically intensifies speed or, on the contrary, lowers the rate down in the pedaling motion, depending on the workout plan you decide to perform.

Even though they are perceived as being additional components of recumbent bikes, that doesn’t directly contribute to workout productivity, the role of digital monitoring systems is more than significant. As these complementary gadgets are responsible with the registration of your exercise data, indicating information such as distance, speed, time or calories consumed have a considerable impact upon your workout. Depending on your screened results you can motivate yourself to push your training a little harder, in order to achieve even greater results, making your recumbent bike workout session more productive by the minute.

It is true that recumbent bikes might not be as challenging as upright bicycles for the simple fact that recumbent units provide a horizontal operability, while the upright pieces of equipment engage users in horizontal movements. Normally, there should not be any significant difference as far as burned calories are concerned; however, a separation line can be drawn when it comes to muscle toning. It is obvious that upright bicycles will put more effort into your leg and arm muscles, but will also bring a lot of pressure across the spine. Recumbent bikes on the other hand work down the leg muscles, but in a comforting position that doesn’t threat the lower back regions.

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic 900XLI was looking for an exercise bike that is feature packed and can support my weight; you see, I am the kind of guy that is heavier than average and it is a plus for me to have that feature. Like any other exercise bikes I wanted to retain the basic features plus the things that makes it different from other average exercise bikes. I had a budget to follow and made it more difficult for me to decide which to choose without compromising the quality features. With all the same products on the internet it is really hard to choose which one, unless you narrow it down using your budget price (this really narrows down your choices, believe me), the features that you are looking for, your preferences and maybe the most influential factor is the products review or comment about the product.

After doing my research I have come up to my final choice and bought it. Now, I am currently using it and I am happy with what I chose. These are the features that I liked about the Exerpeutic 900 XL:

First thing that made me decide to buy it is that, it does what its competitor does plus some other features (I will be discussing this later). It sports a magnetic resistance which makes it very quiet when it is operating, others does not use this which produces some clicks and noise, not good for watching television or listening to my favorite music. This has 8 levels of magnetic resistance which I find very handy when you really want to sweat hard and workout harder, plus this is for improvements when you do not feel any resistance on your current settings any more. The seat handles has pulse pads which monitors your heart, typical to almost all of its competitors, this maybe the benchmark now on these kinds of equipment. The first time I hopped on this bike, I readily felt the consistency of the pedaling which most of magnetic resistance bikes claims, it really stands up to its advertisements, good one. Comfort and safety, I gave it a 4 star on comfort because I did not actually loved the seats but I liked it, as of now, safety is not an issue for me on this bike because it felt better than those I used at the gym, it felt sturdy because of its extended leg stable and its extra large back support. Also have pedal straps that are very important because it keeps your feet from slipping. Lastly, it has the standard LCD display with the buttons for viewing distance, calories, time, speed and pulse.

Now, the best things that I liked about this exercise bike; It can handle up to 325 lbs., wide seat: adjustable for up to 6’3″, smooth-torque crank system, the feel of precision balance fly wheel with V belt, transportation wheels, at an affordable price and a 3 year limited warranty, that’s a good one Exerpeutic!

Nautilus R514 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus R514Backed with an excellent warranty feature, the Nautilus R514 recumbent exercise bike certainly offers a wide range of benefits and good value deal at $499.00 only. If you are looking for an entry level exercise bike with a price tag of less than five hundred dollars, this is certainly your best option in the market without sacrificing the quality of the overall structure, range of functional features, and comfort ability.


  1. Ergonomic padded seat design with step through frame type and an electronically controlled durable magnetic resistance creates a smoother and more efficient workout.
  2. This also comes with seven profile courses to give a wide range of workout varieties and four polar heart rate programs inclusive of chest belt and grip with telemetry. When it comes to fitness evaluation and heart rate monitoring system, Polar is the leading brand in the market and is a perfect combination with any Nautilus exercise equipment.
  3. Aside from the seven profile courses, this also has two user profiles that are programmable to fit your own fitness objective and monitor your progress.
  4. Integrated easy to read console in a blue backlit LCD monitor display.
  5. Just like the commercial Nautilus models, the Nautilus R514 recumbent exercise bike also has a multi point padded seat, console adjustments and a powerful fan. This also features an easy access step through frame design with adjustable lumbar support to achieve ergonomic positioning for a more comfortable workout experience.
  6. This model is backed with ten years frame warranty, two years on parts and six months on wear parts, one year on electronics, and six months on labor.

Nautilus recumbent bikeOther features include an oversized heavy duty pedals, a magazine rack, and an integrated water bottle holder. The built – in gear basket also offers a sizeable storage space where you can put your towels and other accessories. This is also equipped with a twenty pound high resistance flywheel with Eddy current brake resistance system. For convenient transport, this model is equipped with commercial grade transport wheels so you can easily move the exercise bike from one place to another. The distance reader is also switchable from kilometer to miles and vice versa and can accommodate up to a maximum user weight of three hundred pounds.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

recumbent exercise bikeExercise bikes come in a huge variety of shapes, designs, colors and are made for one sole purpose i.e. creating a healthier, happier you. These bikes come with resistance settings that can be adjusted to suit your physical comfort level. The resistance levels can be increased to make paddling tougher which in turn increases the amount of calories burnt per minute.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes (and Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bikes) have seats that look similar to a chair or bucket. This uniquely shaped seat places the rider in a reclined position while exercising. A backrest is also present in such a bike for supporting lower back muscles.

While working out in this position, legs of the rider are thrust forward instead of the usual downward movement. These bikes work on muscles in a different angle and make them more attractive.

If you want to take up cardio training, riding a fitness bike should be among your top priorities. Most gyms are equipped with exercise bikes and they are usually the easiest piece of equipment to use. While working out on a bike you perform an exercise that boosts your blood flow and increases heart beat rate.

The increase in heartbeat rate leads to increased metabolism and allow you to burn more fats. Recommended cardio training on an exercise bike is around thirty minutes per day, six days a week. This is a very small time period, especially if you consider the numerous benefits that it provides.

Street Bike vs. Stationary Exercise Bike

The first question that must have arose in your mind is why choose an exercise bike like Schwinn 250 instead of a street bike. There is no doubt that street bikes are fabulous. The market is filled with numerous bikes that are easy to ride, run quite fast, have a long life and are available for decent prices.

So, why does anyone need a stationary exercise bike? Well, regularity in exercise is really important. If you skip a session, it can disturb your routine to a great extent. Weather conditions are not always favorable for cycling. Sometimes it’s raining, sometimes it’s too hot or too cold, and sometimes you are not in a mood to leave the comfort of your home.

Apart from these issues, another important factor is time. Most people prefer cycling during daylight, but what if you come back late from office? The best solution is to purchase an exercise bike for keeping yourself fit and healthy.


By sitting on an exercise bike you are taking pressure off of your knees and back, two important body parts that are necessary for everyday activities. The knees and back are two body parts that require a lot of care, especially if you have received an injury on any of these parts.

People suffering from knee arthritis find cycling to be very helpful. Intense running can sometimes lead to serious knee injuries, making the injured person resort to a fitness bike. The best part is that anyone can perform a decent cardio workout while caring for the sensitive parts.

Target Areas

Riding an exercise bike will make your legs strong. Adding some resistance will give an even more intense cardio workout and rock solid legs. Quadriceps, calves and hamstring usually come out looking gorgeous within a few weeks of continuously adding resistance to workouts. A few people even consider exercise bike for weight training programs.


Increase in world population has started the trend of small apartments and houses having compact rooms, lobbies and living rooms. Unlike other exercise machines, an exercise bike is pretty light and takes small space as compared with other home gym equipment.

Paddling on an exercise bike is very simple, unlike running on treadmills that many people find to be technical and challenging. You can place your exercise bike in front of the TV to keep you engaged and motivated, and pack it up in the store after use.

Technological Additions

Modern exercise bikes are equipped with numerous gadgets and features that allow you to adjust settings, monitor your progress, and enjoy your workout. For instance, some exercise bikes have bright LCDs on them which can be used to play interactive games, see a movie, or stimulate a race. But before you decide which would suit you best you should check out this website for some exercise bike reviews.

The calories burnt by you during a session are also displayed by the LCD. Charts and histograms are also displayed on the screen to help you measure your progress over time.

Increase Stamina with Exercise Bike

Cardiovascular exercises are really important. A person that is habitual of intense cardiovascular exercises leads a better life as compared to a common man. Good stamina helps in every section of life, whether it is office work, running, jogging, combat, facing a natural calamity, mountain climbing, swimming or anything else.

Strong individuals are easily able to take-up challenges. Research shows that individuals that exercise on a regular basis have higher metabolism, enjoy strong immunity levels and are less vulnerable to digestive problems.

So, if you want to keep yourself fit and healthy, then there is no better option than choosing a decent exercise bike for yourself and exercise regularly.