Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic 900XLI was looking for an exercise bike that is feature packed and can support my weight; you see, I am the kind of guy that is heavier than average and it is a plus for me to have that feature. Like any other exercise bikes I wanted to retain the basic features plus the things that makes it different from other average exercise bikes. I had a budget to follow and made it more difficult for me to decide which to choose without compromising the quality features. With all the same products on the internet it is really hard to choose which one, unless you narrow it down using your budget price (this really narrows down your choices, believe me), the features that you are looking for, your preferences and maybe the most influential factor is the products review or comment about the product.

After doing my research I have come up to my final choice and bought it. Now, I am currently using it and I am happy with what I chose. These are the features that I liked about the Exerpeutic 900 XL:

First thing that made me decide to buy it is that, it does what its competitor does plus some other features (I will be discussing this later). It sports a magnetic resistance which makes it very quiet when it is operating, others does not use this which produces some clicks and noise, not good for watching television or listening to my favorite music. This has 8 levels of magnetic resistance which I find very handy when you really want to sweat hard and workout harder, plus this is for improvements when you do not feel any resistance on your current settings any more. The seat handles has pulse pads which monitors your heart, typical to almost all of its competitors, this maybe the benchmark now on these kinds of equipment. The first time I hopped on this bike, I readily felt the consistency of the pedaling which most of magnetic resistance bikes claims, it really stands up to its advertisements, good one. Comfort and safety, I gave it a 4 star on comfort because I did not actually loved the seats but I liked it, as of now, safety is not an issue for me on this bike because it felt better than those I used at the gym, it felt sturdy because of its extended leg stable and its extra large back support. Also have pedal straps that are very important because it keeps your feet from slipping. Lastly, it has the standard LCD display with the buttons for viewing distance, calories, time, speed and pulse.

Now, the best things that I liked about this exercise bike; It can handle up to 325 lbs., wide seat: adjustable for up to 6’3″, smooth-torque crank system, the feel of precision balance fly wheel with V belt, transportation wheels, at an affordable price and a 3 year limited warranty, that’s a good one Exerpeutic!