How to Use a Recumbent Bike

best recumbent exercise bikeWhen it comes to recumbent bikes and their utility, it is not necessarily a matter of how to use them. It is actually about how you visualize yourself after a period of recumbent bike workout and how you can reach that image with the help of the exerciser you’re using. In order to achieve a certain body shape or a strong physical condition, it is not enough to simply ride a recumbent bike, you also have to know what exercises or adjustments need to be done as to perform an efficient training session.

Even from the first step taken onto a recumbent bike, it is easily noticeable how the design was created with an emphasize on comfort and reliability. The open frame that most recumbent bikes prefer in their configuration provides a getting on and off again movement, while the handle bars offer an additional support when mounting the bike. Nevertheless, once you’re on the bicycle, the posture you adopt is very important, as a wrong form might increase discomfort in your spine. In order to prevent muscles imbalances, a solution would be to keep the back tight against the backrest as you push hard with your legs while pedaling. This position is not impossible as your abs also engage in physical effort with the purpose of keeping the back straight.

Experimented different resistance levels while exercising is also a good use of your recumbent bike. Increasing the level determines your legs to harder push the pedals, therefore your body to burn more calories. However, changing resistance should have a certain pattern so that you can feel that you make actual progress while working out. As a matter of fact, users that look to expand their caloric amount prefer the high-intensity interval training that alternates intense activity with intervals of lower motion. While you keep your workouts interesting, throughout this type of program you also contribute to your cardiovascular component improvement.

Exercise duration can vary from one person to another, depending on what they want to achieve with recumbent bike workouts. Without any doubt, in order to obtain significant results, you should exercise long enough, as well as frequently enough. It is actually recommended a 30-minute session a day, five days a week but for considerable weight loss, the training session should surpass this timing up to 60 or even 90 minute on a daily basis.