Recumbent Exercise Bikes

recumbent exercise bikeExercise bikes come in a huge variety of shapes, designs, colors and are made for one sole purpose i.e. creating a healthier, happier you. These bikes come with resistance settings that can be adjusted to suit your physical comfort level. The resistance levels can be increased to make paddling tougher which in turn increases the amount of calories burnt per minute.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes (and Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bikes) have seats that look similar to a chair or bucket. This uniquely shaped seat places the rider in a reclined position while exercising. A backrest is also present in such a bike for supporting lower back muscles.

While working out in this position, legs of the rider are thrust forward instead of the usual downward movement. These bikes work on muscles in a different angle and make them more attractive.

If you want to take up cardio training, riding a fitness bike should be among your top priorities. Most gyms are equipped with exercise bikes and they are usually the easiest piece of equipment to use. While working out on a bike you perform an exercise that boosts your blood flow and increases heart beat rate.

The increase in heartbeat rate leads to increased metabolism and allow you to burn more fats. Recommended cardio training on an exercise bike is around thirty minutes per day, six days a week. This is a very small time period, especially if you consider the numerous benefits that it provides.

Street Bike vs. Stationary Exercise Bike

The first question that must have arose in your mind is why choose an exercise bike like Schwinn 250 instead of a street bike. There is no doubt that street bikes are fabulous. The market is filled with numerous bikes that are easy to ride, run quite fast, have a long life and are available for decent prices.

So, why does anyone need a stationary exercise bike? Well, regularity in exercise is really important. If you skip a session, it can disturb your routine to a great extent. Weather conditions are not always favorable for cycling. Sometimes it’s raining, sometimes it’s too hot or too cold, and sometimes you are not in a mood to leave the comfort of your home.

Apart from these issues, another important factor is time. Most people prefer cycling during daylight, but what if you come back late from office? The best solution is to purchase an exercise bike for keeping yourself fit and healthy.


By sitting on an exercise bike you are taking pressure off of your knees and back, two important body parts that are necessary for everyday activities. The knees and back are two body parts that require a lot of care, especially if you have received an injury on any of these parts.

People suffering from knee arthritis find cycling to be very helpful. Intense running can sometimes lead to serious knee injuries, making the injured person resort to a fitness bike. The best part is that anyone can perform a decent cardio workout while caring for the sensitive parts.

Target Areas

Riding an exercise bike will make your legs strong. Adding some resistance will give an even more intense cardio workout and rock solid legs. Quadriceps, calves and hamstring usually come out looking gorgeous within a few weeks of continuously adding resistance to workouts. A few people even consider exercise bike for weight training programs.


Increase in world population has started the trend of small apartments and houses having compact rooms, lobbies and living rooms. Unlike other exercise machines, an exercise bike is pretty light and takes small space as compared with other home gym equipment.

Paddling on an exercise bike is very simple, unlike running on treadmills that many people find to be technical and challenging. You can place your exercise bike in front of the TV to keep you engaged and motivated, and pack it up in the store after use.

Technological Additions

Modern exercise bikes are equipped with numerous gadgets and features that allow you to adjust settings, monitor your progress, and enjoy your workout. For instance, some exercise bikes have bright LCDs on them which can be used to play interactive games, see a movie, or stimulate a race. But before you decide which would suit you best you should check out this website for some exercise bike reviews.

The calories burnt by you during a session are also displayed by the LCD. Charts and histograms are also displayed on the screen to help you measure your progress over time.

Increase Stamina with Exercise Bike

Cardiovascular exercises are really important. A person that is habitual of intense cardiovascular exercises leads a better life as compared to a common man. Good stamina helps in every section of life, whether it is office work, running, jogging, combat, facing a natural calamity, mountain climbing, swimming or anything else.

Strong individuals are easily able to take-up challenges. Research shows that individuals that exercise on a regular basis have higher metabolism, enjoy strong immunity levels and are less vulnerable to digestive problems.

So, if you want to keep yourself fit and healthy, then there is no better option than choosing a decent exercise bike for yourself and exercise regularly.